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The Importance Of Jewelry Box

The Importance Of Jewelry Box

A good jewelry box packaging can not only bring first-class protection to your jewelry but also show the company's brand concept from the packaging. It is the icing on the cake for every unique and beautiful piece of jewelry, so you know how to choose an excellent jewelry box manufacturer Because of its importance.

The following will introduce the company's factory process flow and its excellence. I hope to bring you a reference.

Jewelry boxes factory

Our company's full name is Dong Guan Peaks Packaging Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer and trading company, with more than ten years of experience in packaging and printing products. Our products have been exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. , Customers all over the world. Our company has a good reputation, so there are many long-term customers.


Our company is familiar with every production process of jewelry boxes. In addition to jewelry boxes, we also produce gift boxes, paper boxes, paper bags, watch boxes, corrugated boxes, and other packaging services. We are committed to bringing you a satisfying service experience. We believe in the spirit of craftsmanship. We also know how to find a balance between quality and quantity. In order to bring you every exquisite packaging.

Jewelry boxes supplier

Our company also wholesales many kinds of jewelry boxes. These jewelry boxes are well designed. We are well aware of the jewelry styles and packing demands on the market. This is the reason why our company has such a variety of fine jewelry packaging. Customers can go to our company’s official website and order different jewelry boxes according to their needs.

Our jewelry boxes have a rich appearance and colour, rich design sense, the instant choice for customers. There is no need to wait for customisation. Because of the bulk, we can maintain well price, welcome to inquire order details.

Jewelry boxes manufacturer

As a manufacturer, our company has a factory and it has the most professional one-stop production equipment. Which can fully control and supervise the packaging production process. Our company leads the industry in both technology and automation equipment, which can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Our factory is located in Dongguan. Chang'an Town, which is the largest jewelry packaging printing factory.


Our factory has Heidelberg printing press, UV machine, and other large-scale printing equipment. We can produce a variety of processes. We have over 1000 boxes and related samples, 800 kinds of raw materials for you to choose from. The raw materials we use are recyclable and have passed FSC certification.


To ensure quality, our factory will conduct a careful quality inspection of the products before production. We also passed ISO90001:2008 quality management system certification, Germany and China certification. This proves that we are recognised as a packaging, jewelry boxes manufacturer for quality management and material selection.

Jewelry boxes custom

Brilliance and distinctiveness are important in jewelry design, and jewelry boxes as packaging are also important. The jewelry boxes we produce can be fully customised. Our company has always been actively and around the clock in contact with customers to understand every idea Design and work hard to achieve it to meet your needs.


The following sections will outline the points to note in Jewelry boxes custom for reference.

customized jewelry box

To customize the jewelry box to meet customer needs, customers need to contact our company first. Customers can contact us by following methods such as phone or Skype, Mailbox, Whatsapp, WeChat, etc.


We will ask the customer about the custom jewelry box contents, including shape, colour, required process, custom quantity and so on.

custom jewelry box manufacturer

In this part, we communicate with our customers and factory colleagues. We make choices and suggestions on raw materials, packaging, and decoration. We maintain close communication with our customers. Do our best to make customized jewelry boxes to meet customer requirements.

custom jewelry packaging

We will show the sample to the customer. At this stage, customers can see whether the custom jewelry packaging colour, check details, etc.

custom jewelry box wholesale

When the jewelry box packaging design is completed, it will enter the wholesale phase. We will check the package for 18 quality checks, including paper, material, printing, hot stamping, UV, glue, etc. . Aim to make sure that there are no flaws in the jewelry packaging.

custom jewelry box packaging

At the same time, the packaging insert is also one of the important points to consider. We offer a wide selection of materials including Foam, Satin, Eva, Velvet pillow, and others. To provide support for jewelry, protect the jewelry from damage during transportation.

custom made jewelry box

These are the service points of our custom made jewelry box, a professional packaging company. It is also recognized internationally. As mentioned above, the products have been sold all over the world. Tailor custom made jewelry boxes to your budget and needs.

Jewelry gift box

Want to make a special gift? Our company also undertake the production of the jewelry gift box. Wrap up your jewelry to bring a unique surprise to the recipient.

Jewelry gift box supplier

Like jewelry boxes, jewelry gift boxes offer customers a variety of craft choices. We will also provide professional advice according to the needs of our customers. Customers are welcome to inquire for details.