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About How to Create Your Cosmetic Boxes

About How to Create Your Cosmetic Boxes

Whether it’s a foundation, eye shadow, or lipstick. Every cosmetic needs to be packed in a box. The box will give them protection. Meanwhile, the cosmetic boxes can show its cosmetics brand concept. When a consumer wants to buy a cosmetic, the first thing to impress them is the cosmetic packaging boxes. The second is the quality of the cosmetics. Cosmetic companies need to establish their brand image through the cosmetic boxes. So how to choose a packaging company is an important part of the whole process. Aim to make a rugged, elegant cosmetic box that appeals to consumers.


Below, we will introduce you to the advantage of our company. After that, we will talk about the order process of cosmetic boxes. Through the writings, you can deepen the understanding of our company. Our company can also bring you better packaging production services. Let’s bring the exquisite cosmetic boxes to the consumers together.

Custom cosmetic boxes

If you need to order cosmetic boxes, please contact us by phone, email, and all kinds of communication software. Our customer service department is online 24 hours a day. We will ask you about the customization of the cosmetic boxes. We will help you to build your brand cosmetic boxes according to your needs and budget.


As the company of printing and packaging, we have more than ten years of experience. Besides making cosmetic boxes, we also have experience in making jewelry boxes watch packaging, beauty boxes, and gift box packaging. We have a wealth of production experience. Our products are marketed all over the world, including Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Our long-term partners span the globe. It proves that our company is reliable.

Cosmetic packaging box factory

In this section, we will introduce the details of our packaging box factory. The company set up its factory. Our factory is located in Dongguan, Chang’an town. So we know the packing and production process well. We can supervise the whole production process and the quality of the products.


Our factory have Heidelberg printing presses, UV machine, and other large-scale printing equipment. We can produce a variety of processes. We have over 1000 boxes and related samples, 800 kinds of raw materials for you to choose from. The raw materials we use are recyclable and have passed FSC certification. We hope this can provide confidence to you.

Cosmetic packaging box custom

At the beginning of the customization process, we need the files of the cosmetic packaging box. The file format needs to be AI, CDR, or PDF. Customers need to pick a box style. After finalizing the cosmetic box style, the customer needs to decide on the Cosmetic box details. Details include box material, box finishes, cosmetic packing box lining model, and the order quantity of cosmetic boxes. We will also make recommendations based on our experience over the past decades.

Custom printed cosmetic packaging

The printing and packaging of our company are stable and excellent. In terms of equipment, Heidelberg printing press, one of our large printing equipment. They outperformed in the market. It is automation. Heidelberg printing press using DIN Bearing. It can bring much more stable performance. Meanwhile, Heidelberg printing presses effectively reduce the printing product color difference. In terms of services, we have rapid proofing. 24 hours to pay the sample fastest ordinary products. We would adjust the colors and details according to rapid proofing. Further, it can reduce printing errors. We strive for perfection. Aims to produce what the client needs and wants.